Jul 27

Olympic Ceremonies
Olympic Ceremonies avatar

Huh. Anyone else underwhelmed? Certainly the forging of the rings was a great idea, with strong visuals and artistic presentation, but it took a really long time to get to the good part. I have to put in my two cents though, a history lesson? for the Olympics? Interesting choice, after all, many of the guest countries certainly don’t remember colonialism and the great wars quite as fondly as London might. As for the very beginning, in the first few minutes the only reason I was sure it was the opening ceremonies was because of the random flashes to soccer to incorporate that sporting theme. Overall kind of strange, I give it a 5. Yet – I did love the Olympic Torch.

Jul 10

Climate Change, 50 Shades of Grey
Climate Change, 50 Shades of Grey avatar

Wouldn’t you know it, I just mention climate change yesterday because of the extreme heat wave we’ve all been, uh, enjoying. Now in today’s wrap up on Naked News Erica and I talk a bit more about that, both in today’s News off the Top and in the closing remarks. And sequing nicely into a different kind of heat wave rolling over the land and affecting mainly women – 50 Shades of Grey! What can I say, it’s a novel way to beat the recession blues. Pick it up, and find out what all the women are thinking these days.

Jul 09

Heat Wave
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. . . and that celebratory feeling from the long weekend has been SMOTHERED under a relentless wave of heat! Holy smokes I don’t know how the south and mid-west handle these temperatures regularly. It’s been a stretch of about 11 days or so, feels like a month. I hate being trapped indoors, so I keep the aircon pretty low so I don’t get shocked going in an out. However that means everything I do inside and out takes forever when I’m hot. For us northern types, used to fast talking, fast living, it’s an abrupt change and I feel like I am moving through molasses there is so much humidity, it feels like high 30s. Now it’s probably good to slow down from time to time, but it isn’t a quiet or reflective slow down, in my head it’s a constant whiny “why is it so hooooot?” “I can’t get anything done in this heeeeeeat!”. Climate Change? Well true the last two years have been record breaking, but up here the three years prior have been anything but. Well maybe record breaking for snowfall and rain and squelchy summers. I know, I’ve been keeping a record. How are you beating the heat in your region? Frosty ideas welcome!

Jul 03

Fireworks! avatar

Happy Canada Day, and Happy 4th of July! Early July is such a great time for parties and I’m more than happy to celebrate both countries with an enormous amount of fireworks. I invited tons of people and my neighbours to collaborate on doing our own fireworks. What a great idea – and uh, quite stimulating! We had so much boom it took 4 men over an hour just to set them up on the beach and had a 40 minute show with no empty spots in the sky. Yes, all over the sky – in fact, the biggest finale fireworks got mixed up somewhere in the middle AND installed backward so the shower broke over everyone’s heads – and over MY roof. As I saw what was happening I leapt for the fire extinguisher and sprinted through the crowd holding it like a football to check for damage. Turns out I can still run like a jackrabbit when sufficiently motivated. Nothing serious found, but I did have to stamp out a few smoldering embers. Close call really – I can’t believe you don’t need a license to set them off where I live. Still, our annual celebrations may be getting big enough that the local fire department should be invited to the party, you know, just to be responsible. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a firefighter!
Do any of you out there do your own fireworks? Any favorites? Mine is the Medusa.

Jun 21

Summer Solstice
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Summer Solstice is probably the most gorgeous time of year where I live near Toronto Canada. There are tons of festivals as well as private celebrations. For the longest day of the year, I’ll be having a huge bonfire with friends and neighbours right at the water’s edge, and I got up early to see the sunrise too. I make up for that for the Winter Solstice though, I stay in bed as long as the sun does.

Jun 18

Ilias Kasidiaris
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Go ahead, look up the youtube video. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – here’s the nutshell. Prior to the Greek elections in early June, Ilias Kasidiaris who is a party official from Golden Dawn (a radical party with fascist overtones – I’m being kind) turned up the heat in a televised debate.

Shockingly, and I do hope we’re all shocked here, Ilias Kasidiaris actually threw a glass of water in a female opponent’s face. If that wasn’t enough, the other female opponent tossed some newspapers in his face – prompting Kasidiaris to actually slap the women 3 TIMES! In a breathtaking response to his arrest warrant, he actually went into hiding. There, from a safe place he further threatens to sue the women for provoking him.

What do you think? Publicity stunt? Would Kasidiaris have slapped a man for the same action? Is this normal in Greek politics?


Jun 13

New Interview with Victoria Sinclair, FashionErotica.com
New Interview with Victoria Sinclair, FashionErotica.com avatar

“Fashion Erotica, an online digital fashion magazine is a marriage of European high fashion, art and erotica. It’s a menage a troi guaranteed to please fashionistas and voyeurs while promising to send the repressed into fits of hot flashes.” That’s from their front page FashionErotica.com curious yet?

There is an article in the most recent edition (volume 4) on Naked News with an interview with myself. If you become a member of fashionerotica.com now – it’s still free for the next few weeks. Enjoy! and let me know what you think of both the article and Fashion Erotica. We have featured some of their work on our program so you may have already seen some hints of their gorgeous, sexy work.


Jun 12

Bush, Kings, and Apple . . .
Bush, Kings, and Apple . . . avatar

. . . and Victoria, Eila and Erica. Tune into Naked News to watch the June 12th wrap up! It’s always a little noisy when we ladies get to talking, and this time it’s about Jeb Bush – a voice of reason? WAY TO GO LA Kings – enjoy your cup of Victory, and Apple – seducing us with knowledge of the future. Yummy, and yes, I’ll take a second bite.


Jun 11

Tongue Twisters Today
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No matter how many times I say it (and it’s been lots over the last 4 years) I cannot just riff off “toxic asset backed securities” within a paragraph. MAYBE just that little phrase, if I’m lucky, but for some reason that’s a tongue twister that always troubles me. Maybe it’s the bad taste in my mouth I get whenever I think of it. Today’s commentary about the rape and pillage of America’s finances is a pretty good example of what I’m talking about. Now that I’m thinking of it, (not that anyone’s asked) but the hardest phrase I ever had in 12 years of professional speaking was “Mark Spencer, Synthesizer Enthusiast” – if you are saying to yourself “oh that’s easy” then of course I respond with, try it in a marathon-style run on sentence while removing your panties and keeping eye contact with camera. Honestly? It turned out to be a hilarious day. I still can’t get the writers to admit they throw in terrible tongue twisters on purpose – they claim they’re just lucky.

Back to the topic at hand though . . . today’s commentary at the end of the program! WHY WHY WHY did the big financial bandits get away with it? I would love to hear your comments on that segment – either here, or on feedback@nakednews.com. See you at Naked News