WHAT IS NAKED NEWS! Quality Programming – with BOOBS!

Naked News was conceived in 1998 and made its debut in December 1999 as an Internet program featuring Victoria Sinclair as the program’s first Anchor. The program instantly became a phenomenon, boasting over 6 million unique visitors per month.

Curious about what Naked News is all about? Here’s a daily sample for you, however there is much much more than this, going on at Naked News.

The program’s catchphrase “The Program with Nothing to Hide” says it all. Daily news, interviews and interactions with the public – ALL COMPLETELY in the nude.

The success of Naked News can be attributed to both the nudity and the informative content, like “International News”, “Entertainment”, “Sports”, and “Life & Leisure”. It’s a sexy way to stay informed – why do it any other way? People show up for the “naked”, and stay for the “news”.

What the Media has to say about us

Even our peers in the media have acknowledged and praised Naked News, for example:

“UNDERRATED Naked news Canadian website offers best international coverage this side of the BBC; naked part is gravy.” Time Magazine.

“Confident anchor uncovers the news.” USA Today.

“The 6 O’Clock Nudes. NakedNews has become an Internet phenomenon, spreading like a virus throughout the world. The show with female readers attracts 5.7 million viewers a month.” Washington Post.

Even the President of CBS television acknowledged that the CBS Evening News could learn a thing or two from Naked News, because the program appeals to a younger demographic that would otherwise not be exposed to the news. Hey – it works, some of our viewers just aren’t interested in traditional news programs on world affairs.

The program is recorded daily at the Toronto, Canada-based studios of the Naked Broadcasting Network. Naked News offers the daily top headline news stories, entertainment, sports updates and more, in hot entertaining 22-minute package.