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Go ahead, look up the youtube video. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – here’s the nutshell. Prior to the Greek elections in early June, Ilias Kasidiaris who is a party official from Golden Dawn (a radical party with fascist overtones – I’m being kind) turned up the heat in a televised debate.

Shockingly, and I do hope we’re all shocked here, Ilias Kasidiaris actually threw a glass of water in a female opponent’s face. If that wasn’t enough, the other female opponent tossed some newspapers in his face – prompting Kasidiaris to actually slap the women 3 TIMES! In a breathtaking response to his arrest warrant, he actually went into hiding. There, from a safe place he further threatens to sue the women for provoking him.

What do you think? Publicity stunt? Would Kasidiaris have slapped a man for the same action? Is this normal in Greek politics?


2 thoughts on “Ilias Kasidiaris
Ilias Kasidiaris avatar

  1. I think the guy is a psychopath. I hope he gets to cool his heels in jail for a few months. Call me human, but if I saw my likely candidate treat another person that way he would instantly cease to be my candidate.

    PS Why no walk away in today’s (June 21st) show? I have to say I’m loving those curves!

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